WooCommerce Store with Rating Rules Introduction

This is the demo website for GD Rating System Pro plugin for WordPress. The plugin is developed by Dev4Press, and license for Pro version is available to purchase on the official plugin homepage. With the Pro license, you get access to several extra free addons and graphics packs, and you can also purchase premium addons and graphics packs to get more complex features: multi ratings, user reviews…

About the Demo

This demo shows the integration of the User Reviews Addon into WooCommerce powered store. This demo involves no coding changes, all is done with the User Reviews addon configured to integrated into WooCommerce store and replace default WooCommerce reviews. This demo uses Settings Rules to define different rating methods for the products belonging to different product categories.

Rating plugin and addons used

This demo uses GD Rating System Pro plugin with User Reviews Addon and Multi Ratings Addon addons. Multi Ratings Addon is not mandatory, and it is needed only if you want to use multi rating blocks for reviews, without it, you can use normal Stars Rating or Slider Rating methods.

Rating Methods

For this demo, basic rating methods are multi stars methods, and for this purpose, we have created multi series called Hosting with 6 rating elements.

This demo uses several rating methods:

  • Multi Stars Reviews: used to implement post author hosting reviews set by the author on the admin side, through the post edit screen.
  • Multi Stars Ratings: used for the user reviews posted by the website users and visitors.
  • Thumbs Rating: added to each submitted user review so that other users can say what they think about user reviews.